My husband and I spent the afternoon downtown and ended our day on this tour. It was a GREAT experience! The captain and crew was well trained and very friendly. The weather was perfect! We experienced a beautiful sunset followed by full moon! I can’t wait to enjoy this sail on another occaision with friends and family from out of town.

— Fantastic Evening

It was a terrific experience, i highly recommend this romantic voyage, we saw Dolphins up close and personal the sights of the harbor were great with a wonderful sunset. the crew was as friendly as can be and very informative also you will be asked to help hoist the sails (thats fun to) we will go again.

will go again later in the year
Group- 4 men and 3 women age 32-59, local and Chicago. Excellent crew. Evening delightful.

— Spectacular

We had a great time on the Sunset Sail. We even brought our small dog along, and he had a good time. The sail is mostly just for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the view….and the view is amazing! It was worth the money, and we’d go back again.

— Great time

I would recommend this to everyone. We had such a great time. It is amazing how smooth the sailing is. The scenery was wonderful and the employees were very informed. We went on a date without our children, but this is something that some older kids would enjoy.

— So relaxing!

We took an early evening sail across the harbor with a brisk breeze to the lee. We took one tack when we had sailed far enough to see the lighthouse. We came about as smoothly as one might imagine, and headed for the Ravenel Bridge. When we reached land to the starboard, we could have square-danced on the deck. The mates, in particular the young, dark fellow, engaged us in a lively conversation about the harbor’s history. We were impressed.

— Master at the helm, engaged and lively mates

I can not honestly suggest any thing that would improve your product. When we got off we were discussing other friends we would like to attend with us on future trips.

— An all around enjoyable couple of hours

The crew and the schooner were great! There was plenty of wind and the temperature was perfect. The sunset was spectacular. Just wish we could have sailed further out than the tip of the peninsula. We tached back and forth from the Cooper River Bridge to Castle Pinckney.

— Very pleasant and relaxing

Had a great time, the weather was perfect, a breeze for the sails, a colorful sunset, efficient crew it was nice to sip wine, but the guys wanted better beer (they drank water)

— A lovely, relaxing evening

My mother and I took the sunset sail on the Schooner Pride. It was a wonderful experience and a highlight of our trip to Charleston. The captain and crew were great. Our sailboat ride was relaxing and enjoyable. Bring your camera for the many photo opportunities.

— Great Sailing Experience

It was just a fun and very relaxing, laidback kind of time. If you want an out-of-the ordinary kind of date, then this is the perfect thing to do!


My husband and I had one other experience on a schooner in St Augustine, Florida. In comparing the two, I”d have to say that the only advantage the other had over this one was the food and drink availability. They actually served wine/beer/drinks as well as cheese, fruit, and crackers. This was actually included in the the cost of the saling! Yes, all the beer and wine and snacks you could drink on the 2 hour sail!! The cost of the sail was comparable to Charleston schooner sail at $25-$30 a person. Other than the amenities, my husband and I had a wonderful time sailing with the Schooner Pride and will definitely make it a must do the next time we visit you’re beautiful city.

— Great time! Would recommend it highly!



The sunset sail was very enjoyable. The crew was friendly and helpful, and made the sail seem very personal. The scenery was beautiful, and provided another glimpse of the beautifully historic Charleston. Highly recomended for a group of friends or a romantic date.

— Great trip

The weather was perfect, the crew was personable and professional, the boat was in great shape, the passengers all seemed to be enjoying themselves and me and my date had a fantastic time. The two hours FLEW by!

— Perfect Sailing Adventure